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March (and early Spring) Weddings!

If you’ve had to unexpectedly move your wedding date to a month that you had not originally planned for, you are NOT ALONE. And we’re here to tell you that OFF (season) is the new ON (season). The biggest secret of all is that it always has been… people just don’t believe us wedding industry folk when we tell you! One thing we can thank this pandemic mayhem for is forcing everyone to see the beauty is these extremely underrated months of the year.

Explain further you say. Well honesty is our policy so here are some things lots of people don’t tell you:

1) Well rested vendors. Vendors are EXTREMELY overworked and exhausted during the Summer months (the “On” or “Busy” Season). Exhausted humans = exhausted work. The businesses who have strong teams in place can survive this, but most do not… and even if they do, let’s be real “human error” is a thing and when you’re stretched too thin, details fall through the crack.

We’ve seen it a million times, even from the most reputable companies (and I’m not saying we aren’t guilty of it either). Those couples with Wedding Planners are usually none the wiser as we are the buffer between couples seeing what’s going on behind the scenes and finding a solution before they are aware there is an issue. This is not typically the case for “Off Season” weddings. Vendors are well rested, fresh faced and have more time than usual to go above and beyond.

2) “Off Season” pricing. Short and sweet, your budget can be lower than that of a Summer wedding being held at the same venue with the same vendors. I say can because that’s a decision you make – to try to save a bit of $ where it would have otherwise been required or splurge on something you wouldn’t normally have been able to afford. Overall, venues typically have “Low Season” pricing and vendors are more willing to make concessions to their pricing or throw in something extra because of my point #1 above (more time to go above and beyond = more generous) and they want the business.

3) SPRING FLOWERS! Everyone loves the sight and smell of Spring, not to mention the beauty of Cherry Blossoms. Spring is filled with beautiful, colourful blooms that are in season. Spoiler Alert everyone is over “greenery garland” on tables, and florals that are in season are more cost effective so this is the perfect time of year to liven up your wedding + incorporate more personality!

4) Stunning imagery + less worries about weather. Photos aren’t overtaken by extremely bright hot sunbeams, sweaty faces + squinty eyes (just sayin’). And no matter what month your wedding is held in, weather (especially on the West Coast of Canada) is never a guarantee. We’ve had couples follow the Farmer’s Almanac religiously (NOT recommended!) + pick the date least likely for rain in the 10 year history, only to have the rainiest wedding day (mid Summer) we’ve seen all year. While we’re often still hoping for some clear skies in Spring, couples + vendors are generally less stressed + more mentally prepared for the chance of rain. Less worries = less sleepless nights = ability to look forward to all the other things about your wedding day = more fun = BEST. DAY. EVER.

So without further adieu, here is a March wedding we will never forget and which encompasses all of the above. Alyssa + Jeff are one in a million – they said ‘yes please’ and ‘thank you’ to every single suggestion that was made throughout the Planning + Design journey + the result was an incredibly beautiful, laughter filled day in which not one moment or detail felt forced. We feel extremely lucky to have been a part of it alongside Christie Graham Photography, The Permanent, Celsia Floral, Joanna Delaney and many more vendors listed here. This wedding was also featured in Weddingbells Magazine. Thank you Alyssa + Jeff – we’re forever your #1 fans! xo

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