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please note: this post is dated march 25, 2020 (news is changing daily/hourly/weekly so information in this post may no longer be relevant at the time of reading). please follow us on instagram @petitepearlevents for more updates.

WHEN TO POSTPONE // the other million dollar question that many of you asked in one way or another, is “at what point should we consider postponing a summer wedding?”

if only i had a crystal ball to look into the future ?

for the time being, we have moved all april, may and some june weddings as they are actually affected by the current government class orders restricting size of event to under 50ppl (until may 30, 2020) as well as travel for the couple and/or many guests into canada (until june 30, 2020). our understanding is that these class orders can be lifted or extended at any time.

we have a few ride or die june weddings that have chosen to either have their wedding in some capacity (being open + flexible to whatever is allowed at that time including “limiting it to 10 guests in hazmat suits” – exact words ?) or choosing to wait another month or so to see what’s on the horizon when we get a bit closer to. health officials are expecting things to peak + be at its worst over the next month, so no one wants to jump the gun if they don’t have to.

we do have one early july wedding that has a significant number of guests coming from overseas so they have also opted to postpone. beyond that, we aren’t seeing anyone beyond june making a decision at this time (but that’s just us). of course every wedding is so different, + circumstances + risk tolerance varies.

unfortunately, for our industry, there is no mandated industry standard for contracts across the variety of vendors or even just among the same vendor group (for example, planners), so all of our contracts + what we offer is different. additionally, every business within the wedding industry operates differently, has different revenue streams + has a different capacity for what they can take on in terms of number of events in any given day, week or month.

across our close contacts in the industry, the general consensus seems to be accommodating a date change to the fall or into the spring of next year (within approx the next 12 months) prior to the high summer season. it’s all based on availability + for some, restrictions apply to what portion of your deposit (if any) they are making an exception for you to apply to a new date.

moving a summer 2020 date to next summer will be extremely tricky. even before more dates + vendors/suppliers get booked, high season summer dates are how the wedding industry survives. the likelihood of you facing penalties from most vendors to move to next summer is quite high. therefore, my advice is if your wedding is july 2020 onwards, wait until early may to reassess how things are looking.

this may sound a bit backwards, but if vendors are able to fill more of their summer 2021 with new bookings at the full regular fees, it’s likely that they will feel more comfortable offering up some high season dates, which means making a bigger exception for you than they are able to offer now. majority of the industry is small businesses + it’s no joke in saying that depending how long this goes on, some of them may not survive. once they feel assured they will actually be able to start to recover financially, more exceptions could (and likely will) be offered. potentially less financial repercussions for you but the catch 22 is having to be prepared to be more flexible with available date options.

we’re all doing our very best but every business/vendor operates differently so while we are all trying to be aligned, it will vary across the industry. if you trust your vendors (which you must, as they are who you chose to be a part of your wedding), then trust that what they are offering is required + justified for their particular situation. you’ll be in a worse situation if they are spread too thin, or worse yet, go bankrupt.

we’re hearing of some pretty hostile situations which is extremely upsetting. NONE of us are gouging… the entire industry is bending over backwards, making huge exceptions to contracts they had in place to protect themselves, giving up weekends of planned family vacays/extending our personal capacities beyond what we should in order to try to make this happen for couples, all while losing all income for the next few months + cutting our 2021 income in half with date moves.

HANG IN THERE. if we can’t remain positive + hopeful then well, we’re all hooped. this is not an industry that makes a tonne of money, it’s a passion industry. everyone is in it because they love what they do so much that getting rich is not the priority AT ALL. we are all extremely emotionally invested in your weddings + will do as much as we can to help you should the need to move your date arise.

to all of our couples, WE LOVE YOU + are forever grateful for your unwavering support, understanding + humour during this unprecedented + difficult time. rest assured, you will always hear from us if things change and/or when we feel it’s time to consider the options going forward.

jessica, margot, nicola, brit, gord, marcie + entire PPE team

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