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Hello all, Margot here, and it’s news time… again!! In our last post our Founder + Creative Director, Jessica, shared her news about making a big move + lifestyle change (are you ready for her, Squamish??). Well, now it’s my turn 😉

For those of you following along on our various social media sites you’ll already know that I’ve been living between Vancouver and London, UK for the last year and a half. In early 2017 my other half, Mike, (not to be confused with my forever-work-wife, Jessica) was offered a great opportunity to relocate temporarily to his company’s London office. I stayed in Vancouver through 2017 working with my awesome couples + corporate clients, flying to London between events, but made the choice to take most of 2018 off so that I could finally join Mike here full time… well at least until the end of the year!

The universe is a funny lady though, and just as we were starting to make plans for the move home she turned the tables on us with an incredible new job offer for Mike here in London. We thought loooooong + hard about this but in the end ultimately decided to jump on the opportunity and see where this crazy adventure might lead us next.

I am both super thrilled, and equally bummed, to announce that despite my best laid plans I will not be moving home to Vancouver in the new year… which means that I also won’t be taking on any new clients in the Vancouver area for the foreseeable future.

However, this is not a goodbye post! Instead, it’s a chance for me to tell you about a very exciting new chapter in my life and the life of Petite Pearl! You guessed it, we’re going INTERNATIONAL!!! London and the UK to be exact, bring on those chic city soirees + romantic countryside celebrations! And hey, you want to meet-up in the hills of Tuscany or on the beaches of Mallorca instead to create the wedding of your dreams, you know I’ll be game!

Keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram and Facebook feeds for more exciting happenings as all of this comes together, and if you want to follow along with my adventures in jolly ‘ol England, come say hi at margotlbw_ppe. And, if you’re wondering how to connect with us to discuss an event in the UK or Europe, it couldn’t be easier! Our website is currently being updated with all the new details and will still be your one-stop-shop for everything PPE! Pop in and drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you and help you take your wedding or corporate event to the next level xo

Photos by The Hendrys

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